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The launch of the platform with its first courses in English will take place in October 2022.


Are you a teacher? Join us!

ArtMaster is already dominating the humble Czech market with over 12 000 courses sold. Now we’re ready to expand worldwide!

Our vision is to build a platform with top of the line educational content, which will not only help teachers around the world reach more students but also provide them with additional income.

We are musicians ourselves and we firmly believe that the world is a much better place to live in the more it’s filled with people making awesome music. Our mission is to make it super easy for literally anyone around the world to get started with their careers in music and never stop learning. 

That’s why we’re recruiting fresh unique and engaging teachers for our platform and utilizing the latest technology in our courses.  

At the moment we are auditioning new teachers for Guitar, Piano and Vocal courses in English. We are looking forward to hearing from you and working with you soon!


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What our students say

The perfect way to get acquainted with guitar at an awesome price. The lessons are energetic, fun and just about the right length. You can dose them as needed and return to them whenever. Honza is very nice and explains the essentials in a way anyone will understand 🙂. I refused the discount, good projects need to be supported. I also like the kind and friendly approach that Art Master communicates with. The best choice for self-study 🙂 Hello and good luck!
Marie Jiranováguitar
The course is well structured, the lessons are nicely connected, engaging and easy to follow 🙂. I can no longer imagine my life without strumming my guitar 😀 You can really see yourself improving daily (everything's easy when it's fun!). Kept me sane during lockdown.
Barbora Stoklasovaguitar
These courses are basically starting to change my life for the better. I quit smoking (needed stronger stronger lungs to sing), I exercise my breathing and diaphragm daily and most importantly it’s given me a new zest for life. After fifty years, I'm finally able to control my voice the way I’ve always wanted (although it's not much yet, I only have the range of one octave, but I’m working on it). This whole experience has been so special for me.
Rostislav BorovičkaVocals
The basic course was beyond my expectations. I’m a complete beginner so I need everything clearly explained. Learning by playing well-known songs is great! I will definitely continue.
Hana Vrastilovápiano
I must say this course totally exceeded my expectations. Honza runs his lessons perfectly, his explanations are clear and he’s really funny. There were things in the basic course that I didn't expect, such as barré chords (I would expect them somewhere in the advanced course). I've already told a friend who, like me, doesn't have time to go to music school about the course.
Adam Macháčekguitar
I just finished watching the last video of the singing course. I'm really surprised by how much information you managed to pass on in this relatively short time frame. Once again, this course has been a step forward for me. Thank you!
Antonín Bogarvocals
Thank you for this great course. It really pushed me a little further and now I have something to build on. What I liked the most about the videos was how it was easy to get a sense of what Jachym was doing and saying while also working in Ableton yourself. There was no rush. You could understand everything even if you’ve barely opened Ableton before. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in the more detailed course.
Ondra PavlišAbleton Live

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ArtMaster

ArtMaster is a modern music school based in Prague, Czech Republic. In addition to individual tuition, we also offer online courses designed by industry professionals. Our instructors are all active musicians from first-class bands. In addition to being masters of their craft, they bring a lot of practical experience to the table as well. Our courses are consistent but most of all tons of fun. Whether you choose to self-study or work closely with our teachers, our goal is to inspire your desire to be better at the instrument of your choice and never stop moving forward.

How can I start a course?

After purchasing a course, your personal ArtMaster account will be created. After logging in, you’ll have access to the entire course for a minimum of 2 years from date of purchase. You can watch the videos anytime and anywhere just as you would on YouTube or Netflix. All you need is internet access.

How much does it cost?

The price of beginner courses starts at 40 USD. Whether you choose a basic course or decide on one of our special package offers on several courses at once, the prices will always be clearly stated. Each course always has a minimum of 10 lessons composed of 30 mini-videos and bonus materials (pictures, songbooks, rhythms, etc.).

What does a course contain?

Each course contains at least 10 lessons and 30 videos. Follow-up courses tend to be more extensive (up to 50 videos). Additional educational texts, pictures, chord diagrams, PDF songbooks and links to useful materials are included.

How long will I have access to the course?

After purchase you will have access to the course of your choice for a minimum of 2 years from date of purchase. You can play all the videos repeatedly without any restriction.

Can I watch the courses on my mobile phone as well?

Yes! You can watch our courses on your computer, TV, tablet and mobile phone. All you need is internet access.

Can I download ArtMaster videos?

You can watch our videos repeatedly without any restrictions but you cannot download them to your device. In the future we are considering designing our own app with offline playback.